About Us

Bestwebsitesportal.com provides services to make your experience of the Internet enjoyable. Our motto is 'Bring Joy To The User'.

We provide:

  • Links to specially chosen websites for their quality, so that you can easily discover and navigate some of the best information on the Web. Our descriptions of top rated websites are written in a short and easy to read style, emphasizing the relevant feature in relation to the category so that you can browse a substantial amount of websites without being slowed down by lengthly descriptions.
  • Utilize Multiple Search Engines
    Easy navigation for basic search with the ability to choose from a range of top search engines.
  • YouTube Player
    We also provide a YouTube player so you can search for and play entertaining videos without leaving this site.
  • Chatrooms
    Choose from a wide variety of free and public chatrooms.
  • Gabriel The Social Chat Bot
    Chat safely with our friendly bot called Gabriel.
  • Social Networking
    From our partner site 'FindAndMakeFriends.com' you will find a community website to find and make friends internationally with features including profiles, music, videos, instant messenging, forum, photos, polls, quizzes, events and groups.
  • News Headlines
    RSS news headlines from a wide variety of sources around the world. Catch up on the latest news and read the latest stories.
  • Free Original Dance/Hip-Hop Music to Download
    Listen to and download a selection of hot dance/hip-hop songs.
  • Music Videos
    Search for, watch, and listen to cool music videos. Discover new songs.
  • Games
    A collection of free online Flash-based games for you to enjoy.
  • Free Games to Download
    We offer a collection of selected free games to download.

Please feel free to enjoy our services !.

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